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Now hiring for ADT safe streets security monitoring sales reps / Associate contractors / Laborers / Marketers

This section is for Associate contractors / Laborers / Marketers / Sunpro and Security sales reps

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Great to see your interests in our youth apprenticeship program. Empowering our youth for business trademark promotes various learning environments to encourage youth entrepreneurs to start their own business. 

Age requirements and parental assistance:
If you are under the age of 18 we will need a gaurdian, parent, and/or mentor to be involved through the training program.
Please provide a phone number and address so that we can speak with a parent to start your training.
Proof of U.S. citizenship. Student I.D. or Drvers License
Address, City, ST, Zip
Past work history if available and name and number of supervisor.

The program is free for enrolled participants. It’s a 3-month program and all finance provided to enrollee is for their food, clothing, and/or transportation to training sites.
a. What’s the details of the program? For one to two hours a week the trainee will learn basic client engagement protocol, equipment maintenance, professional attire, and how to operate on a demo schedule. 
b. Completion of program: Trainee will receive a certificate of completion from the apprenticeship program. This certificate can act as a formal part of your resume when you pursue future employment with us, another employer, or to obtain college credits. 
Thanks again for your interests in TLAG / Landscaping
Managed by Sabados, CORP. 
Todd Polite.BA / Management director
Toll free: (844) 999-6233 
Direct: (904) 662-2774

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