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Hello value clients

We’re thankful to be able to service so many varieties of homes.

The experience we’ve gained is tremendous. From having the opportunity to service Burger King stores, local corporate Car washes, and small to large homes and much more. We’ve grown. However, we’re still excited about new client landscape home ideas. Reach out to us to speak with a representative in your area for a quote.

We love our clients.
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Garden program


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Our starting rates

This is a good time to add rock designs.

Our clients always ask us how do you keep the weeds out of the rocks and keep the design looking new?

– We establish a ground clear schedule
– We discuss where and how the rocks can benefit home
– Clients participation and treatment needs
– Monthly treatment for a healthy design and outlook

Todd Polite.BA

Lawn and design professional




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Jacksonville, Fl. 32236.